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Bachelor Grad. Project: Swimmer 2.0 is a customizable fin and hand paddle to assist physically impaired swimmers during their workout.


Researcher and Product Designer

Design Research & Problem Definition

In the first stage, I participated in swimming training as an observer with the permission of the Turkish Physically Impaired Sports Federation.

I monitored what kind of equipment they used in and out of the pool. I had an interview with the swimmers and the trainer.  Together, we defined the swimmers’ needs and the weaknesses of the existing equipment they used.

Idea Generation

After the field research process, I focused on two issues and I designed a fin for amputees and a hand paddle who has a spastic cerebral palsy problem. Besides sketching, I also searched for the most convenient material and technical details.

Mockup & Testing

In the final step, we produced models in collaboration with the orthopedist and the swimmers. The swimmers experienced and tested the models of the new training equipment. At the end of the entire process, the fundamental features of a customizable training product is defined and reported for transferring the mass-production process.  

model process1 .JPG
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